Gdanski Chiropractic Clinic

What is an Adjustment

After a Chiropractor has determined that there is a subluxation in your spine, he will carry out an adjustment to correct it.

An adjustment is a specifically directed force, normally by hand designed to ‘unlock’ the subluxated vertebra returning normal motion and alignment to the spine.

There are a variety of different methods used in Chiropractic to analyze and adjust the spine. A Chiropractor will choose the most effective technique for a person as well taking into consideration the physical build of the patient, the age or any other health matters. Additionally the chiropractor will make sure the adjustment is as comfortable as possible.

A question often asked of Chiropractors is, ‘Can you adjust yourself?’ NO. An adjustment is a precise force given to a precise joint to restore proper motion. Even your own Chiropractor can not adjust themselves; they need to be adjusted on a regular basis as well. If you stretch or move and hear a ‘pop’ coming from your spine, that is not an adjustment, that is simply a joint moving in any direction.

So the best answer is to do what Chiropractors do, get checked on a regular basis and if needed get adjusted to keep your spine and nerve system working at it’s optimum.