Gdanski Chiropractic Clinic

What to Expect:

Medical paperwork, health insurance and old woman, signature and patient with doctor in office. Healthcare, policy documents and compliance, people at hospital with consent form for surgery and help

A detailed history helps identify issues and areas to focus on. 

Step 1

Fill out forms to provide background information about your symptoms and conditions. 

Man doctor chiropractor or osteopath fixing lying womans back in manual therapy clinic
New Patient Visit

A thorough exam identifies the underlying problems related to your concerns.

Step 2

Discuss your goals.

A thorough exam will help the doctor understand your body.

Following the examination, you may be referred for x-rays to help evaluate your condition.

A female doctor sits at her desk and chats to an elderly female patient while looking at her  test results
First Adjustment

Discuss findings, develop a plan, and get started with your care.

Step 3

Findings from your exam (and x-rays) determine your first adjustment and will be used to develop an accessible, personalized plan for your care.

Young doctor chiropractor or osteopath fixing lying womans back with hands movements during visit in manual therapy clinic. Professional chiropractor during work
Subsequent Visits

Implement your care plan.

Step 4

Your personalized plan is put into action, to help you achieve your goals. 

New Patient Forms

At your first visit, you will be asked to fill out forms that provide background information about your symptoms and conditions. 

You can fill these out ahead of time and bring them to your appointment, or complete them at the office. If you prefer to complete the forms ahead of your visit, see the adult, teen, or child form below, as applicable:

Initial Consultation

Examinations entail chiropractic, physical, and/or orthopedic tests respectively aimed at identifying potential spinal issues underlying your concerns.

Depending on your situation, you may be referred for x-rays by our doctors. X-rays help evaluate spinal alignment, degeneration, pathologies, and contraindications.

Combining these findings with the clinical exam will enable us to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Personalized Treatment

During your first adjustment our doctor will share their insights and recommendations. 

Our dedicated team will guide you through care options available, allowing you to select the approach that aligns with your goals.

Better Health In Action

Visit frequency depends on  your goals and needs. We offer corrective care, relief care, and/or wellness care. 

Regular reassessments will be performed to monitor your progress.