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Your Posture

When a chiropractor analyses your spine he is looking at two major areas of concern: one is the function of your spine, how it works, moves etc. The other equally important area of concern is the structure or posture of your spine.

When the body is positioned correctly there is minimal strain on the muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints, your internal organs are not compressed, blood vessels are not pressed, nerves are not irritated. This allows your body to function at it’s best. This balanced position causes the least strain on your spine and it’s supporting muscles and ligaments. For example if your head is just 2 cm forward of this balanced position it increases the strain on your shoulder and neck muscles 10 times.

Increasing the stress and strain on your spine in this way can contribute significantly to a number of painful or limiting dysfunctions in your spine. These include arthritis and degenerative changes, disc injuries, nerve irritation and muscle and ligament injury.

To Check Your Posture Try This Simple Test
Have the adult or child to be tested standing on a hard flat surface. Have them close their eyes and ‘march on the spot’ for 2 or 3 steps then stop.
With their eyes still closed, have them nod their head 2 or 3 times, as if they were looking at the floor and then the ceiling, stopping when they feel comfortable.
With their eyes still closed, examine their posture. From the front all 9 test points should line up.
Still with their eyes closed, test their posture from the side. There are 4 points which should line up.
Fig1 Fig2

Chiropractors have known for years that the key to successful treatment of poor posture due to spinal dysfunction is early detection. For that reason, your chiropractor will encourage your entire family to have their posture checked, especially the children. The earlier the spinal distortions are detected, the better are the chances of correcting the problem.